Raw Salmon Ribbons with Poached Quails Egg, Ponzu and Black Seasame Seeds

This is quick to make and is a wonderful combination of flavors that makes a great healthy snack or a great appetizer at a dinner party.  You should only use very fresh salmon that is firm to the touch and has no fish odor. We bought ours at Fresh Acres in Springfield, MA www.freshacresmarket.com


Keep your salmon well chilled until ready to use.



Carefully slice into thin ribbons then place in a bowl and return to the refrigerator.



In a pan of water add a little salt and a splash of sherry vinegar and bring to a very gentle simmer. Crack your quail eggs and poach until the whites are set (this only takes two minutes). Remove onto a kitchen towel and keep at room  temperature.


Meanwhile toast the black sesame seeds.



Toss the ribbons in a little ponzu sauce (soy & lime or lemon combined).



Place the poached quail eggs on top.




Garnish with some parsley dehydrated in the microwave (to do this stretch plastic wrap over a plate, spray with oil then microwave on high power for 1 minute 30 seconds.



Break the eggs and enjoy this wonderful mix.


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