Rice Paper Wraps with Lime Soy Dipping Sauce


We have had a few requests for gluten free dinners.  This is another of our favorites.  A few streets down from us there is a wonderful Asian Market.  We find all sorts of culinary treasures there and last night one of the items in our basket was rice paper wraps, which we can’t always find at our local grocery store.



We had some salmon which we had purchased to make another recipe with.  We purposely bought extra so that we could have some for our dinner.  We sliced it into long strips and then seared it off on each side in a dash of olive oil.


In the meantime we cut up some veggies. We chose to use English cucumber, carrots and scallions.


The rice paper wraps need to soak in water for a few minutes.  They do break easily so be sure to slip them into the water carefully.  When you take them out it is important to put them onto a flat surface such as a cutting board where you can attempt to get the air pockets out.


Place the veggies about 1/2 inch up the wrap and begin to fold the rice paper over the veggies pulling it as tight as possible.  From there fold the edges in and continue rolling.  I’ll be honest- this is a task that I would really like to spend some time on so I could perfect it.  We bought three packages of these wraps so maybe, just maybe I actually will!



When our wraps were finished we sliced them in half on the diagonal and put them in the fridge so we could make our dipping sauce.  Using mayonnaise, soy sauce, the juice and zest of one lime and a dash of seasame oil (optional) we whisked together this very tasty sauce.



The finished product was delicious and filling yet it did not leave us with that guilty feeling that we may have had if we, say, deep fried the wraps which would, I’m sure, be quite yummy.  This is another great gluten free recipe which was super simple to put together for a hot summer night’s supper.

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