Swordfish & Leeks with Radish Lemon Vinaigrette

There is something really lovely about eating fish in the summer.  The meal can be lighter.  Cleaner.  Healthier.  We tend to eat a lot of fish this time of year, and I have a feeling, now that we live by the ocean, we will eat a lot of fish off season too.  Swordfish is not one of the healthier fish choices.  High in mercury, it is suggested that men eat it once a month and women and children stay away from it all together.  But everything that is bad for you tends to be so good, right?! We took our chances.  The kids were away for the day so we at least spared them.  We began by washing some cress and a leek.  The leek was blanched until just tender.   While that was cooking we sliced and diced a radish for our vinaigrette.  We kept some of the slices whole for the salad.  The vinaigrette was so easy to make.  It was a simple blend of radish, lemon, spring onion, olive oil and mustard.  Whisked.  Done.  We dressed the salad but saved some aside for the swordfish and leek which were both cooked on the grill.  The fish was set atop the salad and the remaining vinaigrette was spooned over the top.  It is that simple.  And when we think about this, guilt can set in for those days we serve up peanut butter and jam sandwiches for lunch…









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