Taco Night with Smoked Oaxacan Mole Sauce from Bunches & Bunches

I don’t know about you, but at our house tacos are a staple.  A week without taco night is pretty much a disaster.  Our children love to make their own with all the ingredients laid out on the kitchen counter and get quite upset if they are pre-made by me in hopes to require less clean up.  That said, week after week using the same ingredients can make even the biggest taco fan a little wee bit bored.  One of our favorite ways to mix it up is to include different flavors on the meat or fish we use as the base.  At the moment we are in love with this Hand Smoked Oaxacan Mole Sauce from Bunches & Bunches small batch Provisions.


While most people associate mole sauce as being a thick paste like sauce with chocolate undertones, this lovely smoked Oaxacan Mole Sauce from Bunches & Bunches does not have any chocolate at all.  A Good Food Awards winner, the Oaxacan mole is spicy flavored with New Mexico chiles, Passillas de Oaxaca, cumin, chipotle and cayenne.  Not a condiment we usually keep in our fridge, we will from now on.  It is the perfect addition to add to chicken for tacos or fajitas.  We love the ease at which it can change a recipe completely.

We had cooked a large chicken the day before and had so much left over that we were going to crisp it up for taco night- at the end of cooking we added a heaping spoonful of the mole and allowed the chicken to char a bit before removing it from the pan.  We seasoned it at the very end with fresh lime and cilantro and oh my goodness! Taco night has become a little bit more exciting. Bunches & Bunches also makes a Red Dried Chilaca Mole Sauce which does use semi-sweet chocolate as well as a Green Fire Roasted Chile Sauce which we are equally excited to try. The recipe page at Bunches & Bunches is full of great ideas!

As with so many of our products at Charlotte Julienne, we just LOVE the packaging at Bunches & Bunches.  The products are always delicious and the care that goes into each label had us from the start. You can get these gorgeous jars right on the company’s website or stop in at 109 Bay Street in Watch Hill, RI and take one home tonight.


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