Tuna Tartare with Capers and Preserved Meyer Lemon

We had some lovely tuna and we also wanted to use up some of the presereved lemons that featured in our very first blog post in December 2010.

As this is a raw fish dish, you must ensure that everything is very clean. You should also chill all the equipment that you will use for at least an hour prior to starting.


Sushi grade tuna
preserved lemons and some of their oil
salt and pepper

Remove pulp from preserved lemons then finely dice the rind and the pulp.

On your well chilled chopping board carefully dice the tuna then place into a chilled bowl.

Then chop the capers.

Add the preserved lemon, capers, the preserved lemon oil and season with salt and pepper.

Mix and then press into a mold of your choice.

Serve with a few whole capers, cauliflower puree and a drizzle of some of the lemon oil.

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