Warm Potato Salad with Fresh Garden Herbs

Summer at our house would not be the same without baseball or potato salad.  We only make it in the summer and look forward to it every year.  Quite some time ago, much by accident, my mom and I discovered how yummy it can be warm.  We were in a rush to eat and needed to just make the potato salad before the potatoes had a chance to properly cool down.  Ever since that day there was no going back.  Although we make enough to have the next day, it is never as good as when it is warm and creamy right as the potatoes are done cooking.  There is also no substitute for the two classic staples of this dish- Hellman’s Mayonnaise and French’s Yellow Mustard.  We have tried it with homemade mayonnaise…and with really good mustards.  But this is an American classic.  To us, it just tastes better with the simple mayo and mustard.  We have, however, evolved the recipe somewhat since the earlier days of summer by incorporating as many fresh herbs as we have in the garden as well as some Vidalia onions which we cook down.  This is so simple and really so good.  The trick is to just overcook the potatoes by about two minutes so that they are not firm to the touch but rather a little bit mushy.  After they are drained and allowed to cool for about two-three minutes, you add the combined mustard/mayonnaise mixture as well as some salt,  pepper and any herbs you are using.  We used a bit of everything- rosemary, sage, parsley, thyme, baby basil, proper basil, chives and scallions. With a wooden spoon mix it all (gently) together.  It will mush up a bit but that is what makes it so fabulous warm.  As it is the first day of summer we served ours with a classic Fenway Frank.  If you can’t be at Fenway…you can at least eat like you are!










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