Winter Vegetables

The humble Brussels as part of a roast beef dish.

I grew up in Bedfordshire (U.K) which was a large arable farming area and the main grower of Brussels.  As a child I did not care for these mini cabbages which are always part of a Christmas dinner. They were always either cooked to mush or hard as bullets. I think they can, if poorly prepared, taste bitter to young taste buds. Well this next recipe turns this winter staple into a rich and chunky puree that is the perfect accompaniment to winter dishes.
First remove the base and outside Brussels leaves. 
Dice some butter and have a little Salt and Pepper on hand.
Blanch in well salted boiling water. Cook to just tender
Place in food processor, add the butter and season with salt and pepper then blitz to a chunky puree.

Chill over ice then just warm when needed.

Brussel puree served here with roast beef with all the trimmings. It is a real favorite in our house and sometimes gets eaten even before it reaches the plates…yes, it is that good.

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