“You Can’t Stop the Beet”…Our “Beetfait” Beet Root Dessert






Beets, or if you are in the UK, Beetroot, is a great and versatile ingredient that not only has a very distinctive flavor, but also a fabulous deep rouge colour that makes any dish stand out.  We have used the roasted beets for a previous blog served with Chevre.  This time we decided to make use of their natural sweetness and turn them into a dessert. If you like beets then why not try our beetfait? Ok, we know that this is a word we made up, but it is basically a beetroot parfait so the name sort of suits it.





Beet Parfait ingredients:


155g heavy cream
2.25g leaf gelatin
80g of roasted and juiced beetroot
38g sugar
3 egg yolks
1/2 vanilla (scraped seeds from pod)





Blend the ingredients together then pass through a sieve. Bake in a terrine or lined bread tin in a low oven (325f) until set (about 40 minutes) then cool and chill overnight in the fridge.







We served ours with some candied beet cubes, beetroot fluid gel and a little balsamic ice cream.


So there you have it, a “beetfait”



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