Carrot & Fennel Salad with Champagne Orange Vinaigrette

We have been eating what we call “cold” suppers lately.  Although parts of them might have to be cooked, we generally serve them cold as it has been super HOT.  Not the best time in the world for our grill to die…so we tend to cook earlier in the day and then the food is ready when dinner rolls around.  Buying a new grill is next on the list, but until then cold suppers it is.  We could not pass by these gorgeous tri colored carrots the other day and decided to pair them with fennel to make a simple salad to accompany our steak and homemade crisps.  This was easy and so delicious.  We used a mandolin to slice the carrots very thin and then tossed them with the shaved fennel and fennel fronds.  We made a quick dressing of vegetable oil, mustard, the juice of one orange and champagne vinegar.  The salad was crisp and light and so colorful, which we our kids loved.










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