Confit Heirloom Tomatoes





Last Saturday we drove up to Northampton for a lovely farmer’s market.  We gave ourselves a twenty dollar budget and set off to find some treasures.





Our first stop was at a beautiful display of tomatoes.



Next we picked out some local garlic.



We bought many other things which will follow in future blogs but for now we are going to share our recipe for confit tomatoes.  We love this dish.  It can be used in so many ways and will last for about two weeks stored in the fridge.



We chopped our farmer’s market tomatoes and added a few from our own garden as well.



We added some thyme and minced garlic as well as salt and pepper and tossed it all into a glass baking dish.



Next we poured olive oil over the tomatoes until we filled the bottom of our glass baking dish.



We put the dish into a very low heated oven (about 200 or 250) and left them for a few hours until the tomatoes were very soft.



After they had cooled to room temperature, we put them into an air tight container and popped them into the fridge.


One of the simplest ways to enjoy them is to serve them on toasted bread.  The bread will soak up the oil and tomato flavor and is just perfect for a light supper.  I added crispy bacon to the top of the one below.



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