Foie Gras with Lentils and Sauted Mushrooms

So they may have banned it in California but over on the East coast we can still get the wonderfully rich Foie Gras.  The only draw back was that we did not think ahead and get a good Sauterne to accompany it.  I love the idea of taking something decedent, like Foie, and serving it with something that is more of a peasant dish (in this case Lentils and button mushrooms).
Dice up (very small) carrots, leeks and celery……… want to cut them to about the same size as a lentil.
Add the lentils, a little crushed garlic and  just cover with water. Place on a lid, bring to a boil then  simmer until the lentils are tender. Season only once the lentils are cooked and add a splash of sherry vinegar or white wine. Set aside in a warm place.
With a sharp knife slice button mushrooms in half and score the inside. Saute in a little olive oil with plenty of salt and pepper.
Add a splash of water and a knob of unsalted butter then set the mushrooms aside in a warm place. then heat a frying pan over a medium to high heat (do not add any oil).
Remove the Foie Gras from the fridge and with a sharp knife cross hatch on both sides. Season well with salt and pepper.
Place in the hot frying pan as you see then colour change on the base and move up the side turn the Foie over with a spatula. Then with a spoon baste with the rendered Foie fat.
When the Foie is cooked remove to a kitchen towel and allow to rest for a couple of minutes.
Place the Foie Gras on a bed of the lentils and add one of the mushrooms on top.
Garnish with a little black lava salt and a sprig of parsley.
It is very rich, but hey “you only live once!”

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