Frozen Pea Risotto with Oven Roasted Sea Bass


It has been a busy month.  With the luxury of a work free summer behind (one of us) it has taken us a while to adjust to real life again.  We were very glad to find a lovely piece of sea bass left over from summer in the freezer this past week.  If only we found the missing days of summer as well…



We decided to serve the sea bass on a pea risotto. We thawed the sea bass and dried it with kitchen towel keeping it chilled each step of the way.  Then we began by making the risotto.
With risotto it is important to continually watch and stir.  We find it is easiest to make it in a frying pan rather than a sauce pan.  We began by just adding boiling water (a little at a time) by stirring.  As you stir the rice releases starch and thickens.  Once you see all the water absorbed, add a little more.  We took it to just before al dente and then added the blended peas.


For the peas simply take frozen peas, a little boiling water, some salt and pepper and blend until smooth.
Add this warm pea puree to the risotto and cook until the rice is tender.  At the last minute add a cube of butter and a little parmesan cheese as well as a few more whole peas.




As it was a large piece of sea bass, we seared it first in a very hot pan with a little olive oil, skin side down.  We then roasted it in the oven for about fifteen minutes before removing an allowing to rest for a good seven to ten minutes.


In a large bowl pour a base of risotto (which should flow like lava) and add the thickly sliced sea bass atop and drizzle with olive oil.


This is not a light dish.  But the flavor is truly amazing.  The peas add a sweet, fresh flavor to the creamy risotto.  The buttery sea bass is silky, milky and melts in your mouth.


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