Hop Pickle & Prosciutto Sourdough Bread

So disappointed with the amount of sugar in breads from the market, we often opt to make our own sourdough bread but don’t often change up the flavor of it.  This time we wanted something different.


We began with 400 grams of unbleached flour.


To that we added in 300 grams of sourdough starter.


Add in 275 grams of water.  We used this amount because there is a good amount of moisture in the pickles.


We chopped prosciutto and then diced up some pickles.  We used our favorites, Brooklyn Brine Hop Pickles.  A note about the prosciutto, we found an end cut at a local specialty shop.  These end cuts are a great way to add a little prosciutto deliciousness to pasta, salad or in this case, bread.


Add this chopped mix to the starter and flour.  Because of the salt in the prosciutto, you only need to add 4 grams of sea salt. (Usually we add 7 grams of sea salt).


Knead and allow to prove until the mound nearly doubles in size.


Once the dough has proofed, turn out onto a well floured surface and stretch and shape into a ball.


Cut in half.


Shape into baguettes.


Cover and leave in a warm place until they double in size. Then set the oven to 450 f. with a tray of water in the bottom (for steam).  Bake for about 30 minutes and then reduce the heat to 400 f. and bake for an additional 10 minutes.  The base of the bread should sound hollow when tapped.

IMG_6468Slice and serve warm.  Although the raw pickles have a lot of heat to them, cooked they were a bit more mild.  So much so that even our kids ate them.  Every second bite we would get a lovely porky prosciutto flavor.  We loved this.  Perfect for a rainy Friday night.


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