Jarlsberg, Shiitake and Arugula on Toast


Sometimes there is nothing better than a grilled cheese sandwich.  We love them plain but sometimes it is fun to dress them up a bit.  We decided to use Jarlsberg cheese, Shiitake mushrooms and sautéed arugula.  At the market we found a great loaf of rosemary bread which we knew would be great for toasting.



 We started by sautéing the shiitake mushrooms in a little olive oil and Marsala wine.  When they were done we tossed in the arugula and a pinch of salt.


The bread was grilled on both sides and then put under the broiler with the Jarlsberg on top to melt.
Once removed we added the mushroom and arugula mixture.



We just made a sandwich out of ours, but next time we will then grill it again on the stove so it is super oozy.


The flavor of the mushrooms and arugula was really enhanced by the Marsala wine.  The Jarlsberg cheese is mild enough that it didn’t detract from the flavors of the vegetables.



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