Midnight Snack

My husband works a lot.  We don’t see him in the summer and although we are two months into fall we haven’t really seen him as much as we had hoped or thought we would.  He often leaves for work by seven in the morning and sometimes returns well after or just before midnight.  Although this is nothing new for him, I am still adjusting and trying to keep my eyes open late enough to actually see him from time to time.

The biggest challenge to this schedule is eating.  If you work late you know that no matter how late it is when you return home you still need to unwind…and that means staying up even later.

In an attempt to spend some quality time with together, we have taken to eating together when he gets home.  Not every night, because sometimes I am curled up with our little doggie a few hours into a dream.  But the nights we do eat together we try to make it easy and flavorful.  In the summer we tend to turn to fish but now that fall is here we opt for food that is a little more comforting.

The other night we made lamb chops with marinated mushrooms.  We served it on a big board with a gorgeous loaf of french bread and washed it down with a cold beer.  The oyster mushrooms were sliced thin and marinated with a shallot and some balsamic vinegar.  The lamb was tossed in chopped rosemary and oregano and seared quickly leaving the center rare.  It was not complicated and took us less than thirty minutes to assemble.

Another great treat would be this amazing roasted cauliflower with a simple olive and lemon vinaigrette from Jane Green’s Good Taste Cookbook.  Roasting cauliflower in the fall is one of our favorite treats and this simple dish is totally midnight snack worthy.  The vinaigrette makes a lovely dip and makes the cauliflower all the more special.  As a family that always makes our own dressings and vinaigrettes, this one will most definitely go into our repertory.  Check out her recipe in her gorgeous book which is now available for purchase.  We enjoyed this cauliflower with with some homemade sausage and (patting ourselves on the back for this one…) homemade mustard.

The best part about keeping my eyes open so late was that we got to eat together and share a few minutes catching up, something I’m hoping we can do more of now that the summer season is behind us.








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