New England Lobster with Citrus & Avocado Puree


You can’t very well live in New England and not eat at least one New England lobster during the prime months of summer.  We decided to take the heaviness of the catch away by cutting it with citrus and edible flowers.


We began by making an avocado puree.


We simply peeled and sliced the avocado and then with the juice of two limes put it all in the blender.



   We then added a pinch of salt and some sriracha hot sauce.  We blended this all together adding water to continue it churning.


When it is done it will have the consistency of whipped cream.




We plucked a few impatiens and lavender flowers from the garden to use as accents. It is important to note that our flowers were grown from seed and free of all pesticides making them safe to eat.


The flowers were so beautiful and delicate and added a lovely color and texture to this dish.
We also made a citrus salad consisting of oranges, lime and melon.  The fruit was simply segmented and then put in a bowl with its own juices where it was left to sit for about thirty minutes.


Prior to cooking we placed the lobster in the freezer. We cooked the lobster for seven minutes in salted boiling water.


We took a little of the citrus juice and whisked in a little extra virgin olive oil to make a light vinaigrette.


To plate we put the avocado down and then added the lobster to the top.  We placed the salad around the edges and decorated it with the edible flowers.


It was a deliciously light, flavorful dish where the citrus really compliments the fish and the lime and the avocado makes the entire dish pop.

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