Poached Salmon & Caviar Salad With Potato, French Beans and Honey Mustard Dressing


Having some trim left over from our previous salmon dish, (http://charlottejulienne.blogspot.com/2012/01/pan-seared-salmon-with-champagne-sauce.html) we decided to use it to make a fresh and vibrant salad. As it turned out, this was the perfect dish for the unseasonably warm weather we have been experiencing here in New England this January.



First we made a very simple court bouillon (water, white wine, lemon juice, bay and peppercorns) then we poached our salmon.


We heated the water until barely simmering, then we added the fish and poached until it was just cooked. It felt firm to the touch. We removed it from the liquid and let it cool. Next we cooked some potato in salted water until fork tender. We then quickly cooled it in ice cold water.  We blanched and shocked some French beans.



The Dressing.


1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon whole grain mustard
1 teaspoon honey
About 1 cup of vegetable oil
champagne vinegar – to taste
salt and pepper.



In a bowl we separated the egg yolk and added the mustard and honey to it. We whisked to combine then added some vinegar and a few drops of water. Then whilst whisking, we added the oil in a steady stream to emulsify the dressing. If it begins to look too thick (like mayo) then just add a few more drops of water.


Once combined, add salt and pepper and adjust the flavor with a little more vinegar or honey.


Using a mould, place some dressed shredded lettuce then break up pieces of salmon and continue adding that to the top of the mould.



Add a little more dressing.



Dress the potato and place on the plate then add some dressed (blanched) French beans. Remove the mould.



Add a little dressing to the plate.



Finally, add a little caviar.




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