Sea Bass with Israeli Couscous, Roasted Golden Beets & Wilted Arugula



We were spoiled the other day when we walked into our new favorite market called Guido’s in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and found this lovely sea bass at the fish counter.  At $22 a pound it was not cheap…but as we tasted our first bite we both agreed that it was worth every penny.







We began by seasoning our sea bass with salt and pepper and placing it in a very hot pan with a touch of olive oil.  We browned the skin until crispy and then browned the other two sides of the fish.  This fish was quite thick so we pan fried and oven roasted this dish.


When the fish was nearly done we quickly wilted this lovely, fresh arugula in a hot pan with a touch of olive oil.




We placed the fish on a bed of tricolored Israeli couscous which had been decorated with cubes of roasted golden beets and our wilted arugula.  We dressed the top of the fish with a swig of olive oil.





 This dinner was filling, creamy and colorful.  Perfect for a lovely April evening and served with a great white wine (which we will blog at a later time), we will definitely be making this meal again.






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