Korean Inspired 48 Hour Pork Spare Ribs – Sous Vide


Ok this recipe takes a bit of time but my god they are good.


Once they are cooked you can keep them in their Sous Vide bag and freeze for later or for when it’s grilling season.



1/2 cup low sodium soy sauce
1 tbspn sesame oil
1/2 cup toasted sesame seeds
1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
1 onion
1 garlic
Saracha hot sauce (to taste)
2 Tbspns brown sugar
Salt and pepper





First you need to make a brine we decided to brine a full rack of spare ribs then split them in two. One half would make the Korean style and the other half would be a classic dry rub (blog to follow later).


For the Brine:


70g Salt and 30g sugar per Liter of water.


Mix together with a whisk until all the granules are dissolved.



Place the ribs in the brine.




Leave in the fridge for 24 hrs




Remove from the brine and allow to dry on a rack for at least an hour.



Whilst the ribs dry you can make the sauce.




Rough chop the onions and garlic then place into your food processor.
Add some Sriracha or other hot sauce.




Add the soy.




The rice wine vinegar



And the sugar then whiz to a puree.




Toast your sesame seeds.




Add to the puree then pulse to combine.




Vacuume pack the ribs and sauce in a bag.




Set your circulator to 155f




Cook the ribs in the water bath for 24hrs then remove from the water bath and rest for 10 minutes. You can now chill in the bag and freeze for later use immediately.




Brown off the ribs in a griddle pan or on the grill / BBQ.


While they are browning.




Sweat off some minced shallot.



Add some chopped bok choy and water chestnuts and quickly cook for about 2 minutes












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