Leftover Lunch

We had company last weekend and, as a result, ended up with a lot of leftover food that had not been cooked.  I had good intentions, Monday night….Tuesday night…but life got in the way and so did an impromptu visit to the emergency room for a finger x-ray on a seven year old who slammed his little fingers in a door jam on the return ferry trip home from Block Island.  I hate wasting things though and, with plans for dinner being eaten out tonight, that left lunch to use this stuff up or succumb to tossing it.  Summertime lunches here have been fairly simple (read as no cooking involved)…and are usually eaten quickly after a full morning of playtime at the beach.  With the finger splint freshly taped up, today was not a beach day so we had that extra time to linger and cook.

This isn’t a recipe as much as a reminder that using up what you’ve got leads to really tasty meals.  We had four chicken legs, six ears of corn (that were getting to be so dried out they could have turned into the corn-husk dolls my mother had when I was growing up….) and one pre-chopped onion that had not made it to the roasting tray over the weekend.  The corn was stripped from the cobs, the chicken browned and tossed in herbs de Provence and then it was all roasted at 425 for about thirty minutes and tossed together with some gorgeous purple basil and rosemary from our tiny container garden that is going crazy on our very hot and sunny back porch.  The flavors were summery and fresh and a welcome change from the sandwich lunches we have been lazily eating for about a month straight.  Best part is that we, once again, really used everything we purchased and nothing was wasted.  Between using coupons, our grocery store card, the Ibotta App and actually eating everything we buy we are sort of on a roll here! Waste not, want not.







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