Roasted Apple & Onion Spread for Sandwiches or Dips

Fall feels like it has finally arrived here in Rhode Island and we couldn’t be happier.  With crisp air and a slight breeze we can finally call it comfort food season.  We were a bit spoiled this weekend as we were all home for two days in a row.  An unusual luxury that we had all but given up on.  To celebrate we ate lovely family meals cooked by our in house chef…aka my husband.  He is great at roasted dinners and on his days off that is generally what we eat.  Last night as he was prepping the meat and vegetables he asked me to hand him a few apples as well.  That should have triggered an alert of some sort within me as he does not mix savory and sweet.  But I handed them over and he continued prepping the food.

When it was time to eat our plates were full with delectable roasted pork which had cooked in a roasting pan on top of carrots, parsnips, onions and the apples.  It was glazed with a really good balsamic and left to rest just long enough to make it perfect.  He served the meal with this amazing sauce which he made using the roasted apples and onions.  OH.MY.GOD. It was so delicious you have no idea.  It was lick the bowl clean good.  It was I don’t think you’ve made quite enough good.  It was so good.

Before last night there were only two condiments I would have said I couldn’t live without- Potlicker Kitchen’s India Pale Ale Jelly and Tin Mustard.  But now there are three.  This sauce could not be easier to make.  There was a little left over (only because I quickly realized how good it was and hid it in the fridge before the children could ask for more) which I knew would be incredible on a sandwich the next day.  Better than mayonnaise, this spread is fabulous on a toasted baguette filled with leftover pork, cabbage, apples and a little arugula.   My new favorite fall sandwich which I know will quickly become yours too.

To make this spread you will need to roast apples and onions at 425 for about 35 minutes.  Once removed from the oven put in a small blender with some olive oil, sage and thyme.  Blend until combined and smooth.  Our apples and onions were the product of produce that had been roasted underneath a pork roast which adds another level of flavor you probably should try out.  Immediately.  It is that good.














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