Smoked Trout Pâté

The other day we were given several pieces of local trout.  We decided to smoke them and create a wonderful trout pate.


Starting with the whole fish, we filleted it removing all the tiny pin bones.  The fish was then brined in a salt and brown sugar solution for a few hours.



When the brining was complete, the fish was rinsed and placed on a cooling rack on top of a cookie sheet.


 Keeping the fish on the cooling rack and cookie sheet, we put the fish on one side of grill alongside a tray which held a mixture of herbs, wood and applewood chips.  We lit the grill on the tray side keeping the fish side unlit.


Once smoked we flaked the fish to ensure that all bones were removed.


This was then placed in a food processor with a few fresh herbs, cold butter, sour cream, salt & pepper. This mixture was then tested for seasoning and placed in the fridge to firm up.


We served this on toasts with some lemon zest and fresh herbs.  It was light, airy and full of flavor.
We especially liked that it was another way to enjoy fish without it seeming like a meal.
Really perfect for summer and something that you’ll have to stop yourself from eating all night!



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