Warm Dark Chocolate & Banana Cake

I know I’ve gone a little crazy for Jane Green’s Good Taste Cookbook lately…but ever since I received my book in the mail a few weeks ago I have been a bit obsessed. Jane Green always seemed like the sort of author you could be friends with. Someone who you could chat to after youRead more

Chocolate Ganache for Valentine Petit Fours

As my daughter and I walked through the market the other day she was like a moth to a flame with the pretty little bottles of pink and red sprinkles that seemed to be everywhere. Somehow we got sidetracked from our fairly focused shopping trip and ended up with a basket full of Valentine trinketsRead more

Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Frito M&M Topping

I went to a very small liberal arts college in New England.  It was old.  The basement had dark, drippy tunnels and there were rumored to be ghosts in the older buildings on campus.  It was a place that was full of artsy hippy type people from Connecticut and California.  There would be big partiesRead more