Fodder… The Best of Yorkshire Produce.

A good part of our recent trip to England was spent exploring great food shops and cafes.  One of our favorite finds was Fodder located in Harrogate, Yorkshire.  Although we are not supposed to share this with you…we will because really we thought it was such an amazing stop and truly hope that you willRead more

Traditional Pork Hand Pies with Spiced Wine Jelly

When people find out that my husband is British they often say “oh you must love his accent”…but the truth is, after this long you really don’t often notice it.  Except of course when you hear it in the voices of your young children who are either imitating their “diddy” (said with their noses highRead more

Berkshire Brewing Company Pale Ale Lamb Hotpot

Berkshire Brewing Company produces some great beers that are not only good drinking, but also great for cooking with. We love this time of year as the days shorten and the leaves fall. It’s a time for lovely comfort food. Lamb hotpot is a traditional dish from Lancashire in England. So this dish brings together aRead more