Sage Pork with Rutabaga Risotto & Spinach Puree

This week we suddenly noticed that our sage plant had sprung to life and so, with the first frost upon us, we thought that we should use it in a dish.



We decided to use what we had in the fridge and made the dish with some lovely pork chops.


To begin, take a sharp knife and peel off the outer skin of the rutabaga (swede).



Cut into planks and then roughly chop all but two. Place in cold saltwater and bring to a boil then cook until tender. With the remaining two planks cut to a brunoise and  quickly blanch for about a minute.




Take the cooked rutabaga, add a little crème Fraiche and blend to a puree.  Add a little water to help the blending.




As an aside, we have found it hard to find Crème Fraiche here in the US, but this product from Vermont Creamery is great.  If you can’t find it, then sour cream will work.




Make the risotto using water saved from cooking the rutabaga then when it is almost done add the rutabaga puree.




Take your pork chops and place one sage leaf on each.




Place a tooth pick through each to hold it to the pork.




Season well on both sides and then cook in a hot pan with a  little oil.  Turn and cook on the other side then set aside to rest.



In a blender add some spinach, olive oil, a splash of water and a little butter and blend.


Add salt and pepper and a splash of champagne vinegar.





Finish the risotto with a little butter, parmesan cheese and salt and pepper.
The risotto should flow like lava on the plate, at which point drizzle with the spinach, slice the pork and add some parmesan shavings.




All that’s left to do is eat!




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